Big Data Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom


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About The Role

We have a diverse, multi-disciplinary team. The Big Data Engineer role exists to provide engineering subject matter expertise in our client projects. This may be at the designing/planning stage or at the building/testing stage, or both. Within a project there may be one or more Big Data Engineers, depending on the size and complexity of the work.

While the work you will do each day can vary, the following are some common tasks that you are likely to get involved in.

About You

At Data Reply a Big Data Engineer is, above all else, a software engineer: someone who writes well-structured and well-tested code. You are able to reason about the underlying distributed systems that are being extended, and you have a good grasp of foundational concepts in computer science such as data structures, OOP, and algorithmic complexity.

As an engineer, you take a keen interest in measures of system performance (including reliability, efficiency and quality) and strive to find ways to improve them – especially through thoughtful automation.

Quality assurance is fundamental to the role. The successful candidate should:

The success of our business depends on our people and how they execute. So you will take the initiative to drive the practice forward by:

  • Mentoring less experienced team members;
  • Constantly challenging best practice; and
  • Sharing relevant tech innovations through your personal research.

  • Requirements

    Specific Requirements

    Things That Will Set You Apart

    Any of the following is a bonus:


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